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    200 Books On Electrical & Electronic Engineering In One Pack


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    200 Books On Electrical & Electronic Engineering In One Pack Empty 200 Books On Electrical & Electronic Engineering In One Pack

    Post by Admin on Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:23 pm

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    son D H Wise J D Fundamentals of electrical engineering 1999
    Gustafsson F Adaptive Filtering and Change Detection Wiley 2000
    3G Handset 20 20 Network Design 20- 20 Wiley Sons
    802 11 Security
    158053371X 20- 20 Artech-TDD-CDMA for Wireless Communications
    0201760347 Wireless Security 20 20 Privacy 20- 20 Best Practices and Design Techniques
    1580533167 20- 20 Artech-Interference Analysis and Reduction for Wireless Systems
    1580533523 20- 20 Artech-Technology Trends in Wireless Communications
    1580533558 20- 20 Artech-Location Management and Routing in Mobile Wireless Networks
    A First Course in Corporate Finance
    A First Lab in Circuits and Electronics
    A Primer on Asynchronous Modem Communication
    A User 27s Guide to Aspect Ratio Conversion
    A wavelet tour of signal processing Mallat S draft 2005 MNw
    Abstract Harmonic Analysis of Continuous Wavelet Transforms
    Adaptive Digital Filters Second Edition
    Adaptive Image Processing A Computational Intelligence Perspective
    Adaptive 20Control 20Systems
    Advanced Digital Signal Processing and Noise Reduction 2nd Edition
    Advanced Techniques in RF Power Amplifier Design
    Advanced 20Control 20Engineering
    Advances in Fingerprint Technology Second Edition eBook 20- 20 EEn
    Advances in Mobile Radio Access Networks Artech House Publishers Jun 2005 eBook 20- 20 LinG
    Air and Spaceborne Radar Systems An Introduction 2001 WilliamAndrewPublishing RR
    Algorithms For Communication Systems And Their Applications
    Alternative Breast Imaging Kluwer Academic Publishers eBook 20- 20 LinG
    An Introduction to Digital Audio
    An Introduction to Pattern Recognition 20- 20 Michael Alder
    An Introduction To Statistical Signal Processing
    An 20Introduction 20to 20the 20Theory 20of 20Microwave 20Circuits 20 Kurokawa
    Analog and Digital Circuits for Electronic Control System Applications
    Analog BiCMOS Design Practices and Pitfalls
    Analog Circuit Design
    Analog Circuits Cookbook
    Analog Integrated Circuit Design
    Analog 20And 20Digital 20Control 20System 20Design
    Analysis And Design Of Analog Integrated Circuits
    Analysis 20and 20Design 20of 20Integrated 20Circuit-Antenna 20Modules
    Antenna 20Arraying 20Techniques 20In 20The 20Deep 20Space 20Network
    Antenna 20handbook
    Antennas for Information Super Skyways Institute of Physics Publishing Feb 2004 eBook-DDU
    Application of Programmable DSPs in Mobile Communications 2002
    Art of analog layout
    Artech Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design
    Artech House 20- 20 GPRS for Mobile Internet
    Ash Information theory
    Asynchronous Circuit Design
    Audel Electrical Course for Apprentices and Journeymen eBook
    Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems AFIS Academic Press eBook 20- 20 YYePG
    Automotive 20Computer 20Controlled 20Systems 20Diagnostic 20Tools 20And 20Techniques
    Bandwidth efficient digital modulation in deep 20- 20 space communications
    Basic Electronics Components Hardware - I CFS
    Basic Electronics Components Hardware - II CFS
    Basic Theory and Application of Transistors
    Bebop to the Boolean Boogie
    Bluetooth Application Developers Guide
    Bluetooth Demystified
    Bluetooth Security 2004
    Broadband Bible John Wiley and Sons eBook 20- 20 kB
    Broadband Bringing Home the Bits
    Broadband Microwave Amplifiers Artech House eBook-TLFeBOOK
    Building Financial Models McGraw-Hill 2004
    Building Secure Wireless Networks with 802 11 eBook 20- 20 EEn
    C Algorithms for Real 20- 20 time DSP 1995
    CAD 20of 20Microstrip 20Antennas 20for 20Wireless 20Applications
    CDMA Capacity and Quality Optimization
    CDMA Mobile Radio Design 20- 20 Artech House
    CDMA RF System Engineering
    CDMA Systems Capacity Engineering Artech House Publishers eBook 20- 20 kB
    Cellular Mobile Radio Systems Designing Systems For Capacity Optimization
    Circuit - techniques-for-low-voltage-high-speed-ADCs
    Circuit Analysis Theory And Practice
    Circuit Design for RF Transceivers
    Circuits and Systems for Wireless Communications
    Circuits for the Hobbyist
    Closed Circuit Television
    Closing The Gap Between ASIC and Custom Tools And Techniques of High Performance ASIC Design
    CMOS Analog Circuit Design
    CMOS Electronics How It Works How It Fails
    CMOS IC Layout
    CMOS Integrated ADC and DAC 2ndEd
    CMOS memory circuits
    CMOS PLL Synthesizers Analysis and Design Springer Nov 2004 eBook - LinG
    Communications Network Test and Measurement Handbook
    Communications Receivers DSP Software Radios and Design Third Edition
    Compact 20and 20Broadband 20Microstrip 20Antennas
    Complete Wireless Design
    Computer Explorations in Signals and Systems
    Computers in Communication
    Consumer 27s Guide to Cell Phones and Wireless Service Plans
    Continuous - Time Active Filter Design
    Control 20Engineering 20- 20A 20Guide 20For 20Beginners
    Coplanar 20Waveguide 20Circuits 20Components 20and 20Systems
    Crane R Simplified approach to image processing in C PH 1997 T ISBN 0132264161
    CRC Press 20- 20 The Communications Facility Design Handbook
    CRC 20Press 20- 20Intelligent 20Control 20Systems 20Using 20Soft 20Computing 20Methodologies
    Data Communications Networking Devices 20- 20 Fourth Edition
    Data Conversion Handbook Elsevier eBook - LinG
    Deep Submicron CMOS Circuit Design Simulator In Hands
    Delmar Fiber Optics Technician 27s Manual 2nd Ed
    Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits
    Design Of Linear RF Outphasing Power Amplifiers Artech House eBook 20- 20 LiB
    Design 20of 20RF 20And 20Microwave 20Amplifiers 20And 20Oscillators
    Designing a Wireless Network
    Designing Analog Chips
    Designing and Developing Scalable IP Networks
    Developments in Speech Synthesis John Wiley Sons Apr 2005 eBook 20- 20 LinG
    Dictionary of Video Television Technology
    Dielectric 20Resonator 20Antennas
    Digital Audio Broadcasting
    Digital Communication Over Fading Channels
    Digital Communications Design for the Real World
    Digital Design Fundamentals
    Digital Design Principles and Practices
    Digital Electronics
    Digital Frequency Synthesis Demystified
    Digital image processing 20- 20 B Jahne
    Digital Integrated Circuits wo02 8
    Digital Interfaces and Bus Systems for Communication
    Digital Logic And Microprocessor Design With VHDL
    Digital Signal Processing Handbook VK Madisetti DB Williams CRC
    Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Experiments Using C
    Digital signal Processing
    Digital Signal Processing System Level Design Using LabVIEW Newnes Jun 2005 eBook 20- 20 DDU
    Digital Signal Processors In Cellular Radio Communications Ieee
    Digital Switching Systems System Reliability and Analysis
    Digital Synthesizers and Transmitters for Software Radio Springer Jul 2005 eBook 20- 20 DDU
    Digital Systems Engineering
    Digital Video Quality Vision Models and Metrics John Wiley and Sons Mar 2005 eBook 20- 20 DDU
    Digitally Assisted Pipeline ADCs Theory and Implementation
    Discovering Bluetooth Sybex
    Distortion Analysis of Analog Integrated Circuits
    Distortion in rf power amplifiers ebook 20- 20 lib
    DOE Fundamentals Handbook Electrical Science vol 1
    DOE Fundamentals Handbook Electrical Science vol 2
    DOE Fundamentals Handbook Electrical Science vol 3
    DOE Fundamentals Handbook Electrical Science vol 4
    dsp algorithms for programmers
    DSP Facts and Equipment
    DSP for In 20- 20 Vehicle and Mobile Systems Springer eBook-YYePG
    DSP Realtime Operating Systems for Embedded Systems
    Duda R O Hart P E Stork D G Pattern classification 02ed Wiley C 738s
    EDGE for Mobile Internet
    Electrical Engineering Dictionary PA Laplante CRC
    Electrician 27s Exam Question and Answers
    Electromagnetic 20Waves 20and 20Antennas
    Electronics for Dummies John Wiley and Sons eBook - LinG
    Electronics for Hobbyists 1
    Electronics for Hobbyists 2
    Electronics for Hobbyists 3
    Electronics for Hobbyists 4
    Electronics for Hobbyists 5
    Electronics for Hobbyists 6
    Electronics for Hobbyists 7
    electronics 20technician 20volume 201 20- 20safety
    electronics 20technician 20volume 202 20- 20administration
    electronics 20technician 20volume 203 20- 20communications 20systems
    electronics 20technician 20volume 204 20- 20radar 20systems
    electronics 20technician 20volume 206 20- 20digital 20data 20systems
    electronics 20technician 20volume 207 20- 20antennas 20and 20wave 20propagation
    Emerging Optical Network Technologies Springer Sep 2004 eBook 20- 20 LinG
    Encyclopedia Of Networking
    Engineer 27s Mini - 5bNotebook - 555 5d - Timer IC Circuits
    Engineer 27s Notebook II A Handbook Of Integrated Circuit Applications - Forrest Mims
    Engineering Digital Design
    Entropy And Information Theory
    Error control coding From theory to practice Sweeney P Wiley 2002
    ESD In Silicon Integrated Circuits
    Essentials of Managing Corporate Cash - John Wiley Sons
    eWiley Mobile Fading Channels 20- 20 -Modelling Analysis Simulation
    Experimental Approach CDMA Interference From Architecture Through VLSI
    Fast Forward MBA in Finance
    Feedback Amplifiers Theory and Design
    Feedback Circuit Analysis
    Feedback Linearization of RF Power Amplifiers
    Fiber Optic Communication Systems
    Fiber Optic Sensors
    Fiber to the Home The New Empowerment Wiley Interscience Oct 2005 eBook 20- 20 LinG
    Fibre Channel for SANs
    Filter Handbook a Practical Design Guide - S Niewiadomski
    Finance for Non - Financial Managers
    Financial Engineering Principles A Unified Theory
    Financial modeling with jump processes
    Finite 20Antenna 20Arrays 20and 20FSS
    First course on wavelets Hernandez Weiss CRC 1996 T ISBN 0849382742
    Fixed Broadband Wireless System Design 20- 20 Wiley - 2003 - By Laxxuss
    For Dummies HDTV For Dummies Nov 2004 eBook 20- 20 DDU
    Fundamental 20Limitations 20In 20Filtering 20And 20Control
    Fundamentals Of Electric Circuits
    Fundamentals of Global Positioning System Receivers
    Fundamentals Of RF Circuit Design With Low Noise Oscillators
    Fundamentals of Telecommunications
    Fundamentals of wavelets Theory algorithms and applications Goswami Chan Wiley T 319s
    Fundamentals Of Wireless Communication
    Fuzzy 20Control 20Systems 20- 20Design 20and 20Analysis
    Getting Started As a Financial Planner Rev and Updated
    GSM And Personal Communications
    GSM Networks Protocols Terminology and Implementation
    GSM Switching Services and Protocols
    Guide To Budgets And Financial Management
    Guide To Digital Signal Processing
    Handbook of Multisensor Data Fusion
    Handbook Of Time Series Analysis Signal Processing And Dynamics
    Handbook of Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing
    Handbook on Satellite Communications
    Hardening IEEE802 11 Wireless Networks
    Harjani Design Of Modulators For Oversampled Converters Wang - 1998
    HF 20Antenna 20Cookbook
    HF 20Filter 20Design 20and 20Computer 20Simulation
    High - speed Digital Design - Johnson Graham
    High Frequency Techniques An Introduction to RF and Microwave Engineering Wiley-IEEE Press
    High 20Performance 20Control
    IEE Tutorial Meeting on Digital Signal Processing for Radar and Sonar Applications 1990
    IEEE 20- 20 Telecommunications Performance Engineering
    IEEE 20- 20 Adaptive fuzzy power control for CDMA mobile radio systems
    IEEE 20- 20 Telecommunications Network Modeling Planning and Design
    Ieee 20- 20 Wireless Communication Circuits And Systems
    Image Processing in C
    Image Processing Using Pulse Coupled Neural Networks Springer Sep 2005 eBook 20- 20 DDU
    Image Recognition and Classification algorithms-marcel dekker - 2002 - isbn 0824707834 - 49
    Implementing 802 11 802 16 and 802 20 Wireless Networks Newnes Jul 2004 eBook 20- 20 DDU
    Implementing Bluetooth in an Embedded Device
    Industrial electronics for engineers chemists and technicians
    Industrial 20Control
    Integrated Electronics
    Integrated Fiber Optic Receivers Buchwald
    Intermodulation 20Distortion 20in 20Microwave 20and 20Wireless 20Circuits
    Introduction to 03G 20Mobile Communications
    Introduction to Airborne Radar
    Introduction to Bluetooth Technology Market Operation Profiles Services
    Introduction to CPLD and FPGA Design
    Introduction To Error Correcting Codes
    Introduction to Fiber Optics
    Introduction To Logic Design - Shiva S G - M Dekker 1998 2Ed
    Introduction to RF Equipment and System Design
    Introduction To Sound Processing
    Introduction To Telecommunications Network Engineering
    Introduction to Wireless Local Loop
    Introduction to Wave Propagation Transmission Lines and Antennas
    IP Network Design Guide
    IP Routing
    IP Storage Networking 3b Straight to the Core
    John Wiley 20- 20 Fundamentals of Digital Television Transmission
    John Wiley 20 20 Sons 20- 20 IP-Based Next-Generation Wireless Networks
    John Wiley 20 20 Sons 20- 20 Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials
    John Wiley And Sons An Introduction To Parametric Digital Filters And Oscillators
    John Wiley and Sons Broadband Powerline Communications Network Design Aug 2004 eBook 20- 20 DDU
    John Wiley And Sons Device Modeling For Analog And RF CMOS Circuit Design
    John Wiley And Sons Digital Logic Testing And Simulation
    John Wiley and Sons Multi Carrier and Spread Spectrum Systems
    John Wiley and Sons VSAT Networks
    Karu J Signals and systems made ridiculously simple 2001 L T ISBN 0964375214
    Kay S M Fundamentals of statistical signal processing estimation theory PH L T 30
    Ken Martin Digital Integrated Circuit Design 300dpi
    Kluwer Academic Publishers Design Of System On A Chip Devices and Components eBook - LiB
    Kluwer Academic Publishers Protocols For High Efficiency Wireless Networks eBook 20- 20 LiB
    Kluwer Reuse Methodology Manual for System - on-a-Chip Designs 3rd Ed
    LabVIEW Digital Signal Processing McGraw Hill Professional May 2005
    Layout CMOS Circuit Design Li Simulation Baker Boyce - 1997 2
    Linear 20Control 20System 20Analysis 20and 20Design 20Fifth 20Edition
    Linear 20Optimal 20Control
    Liquidity Liabilities Cash Management Balancing Financial Risks Wiley
    low power asynchronous DSP
    Lumped 20Elements 20for 20RF 20and 20Microwave 20Circuits
    McGraw Hill - Principles and applications of Electrical Engineering
    McGraw Hill Financial Analysis Tools and Techniques a Guide for Managers
    McGraw Schaum 27s Outlines of Digital Signal Processing
    McGraw Schaum 27s Outlines of Signals Systems
    Meisel W S Computer 20- 20 20T 266s 20 - oriented Approach to Pattern Recognition AP 1972
    Microstrip 20Filters 20For 20RF 20Microwave 20Applications
    Microwave 20Circuit 20Modeling 20Using 20Electromagnetic 20Field 20Simulation
    Microwave 20Component 20Mechanics
    Microwave 20Electronics 20Measurement 20and 20Materials 20Characterization
    Microwave 20Resonators 20and 20Filters 20For 20Wireless 20Communication
    Microwave engineering using microstrip circuits
    Microwaves and Wireless Simplified Artech House 2nd Edition Apr 2005
    Mixed Signal And DSP Design Techniques
    Mobile Ad Hoc Networking 20- 20 John Wiley Sons - IEEE Press
    Mobile Communications Engineering 20- 20 Theory and Applications Second Edition
    Mobile Communications
    Mobile Telecommunications Protocols For Data Networks Wiley 20- 20 eBOOK
    Model Based Signal Processing Wiley IEEE Press Oct 2005 eBook 20- 20 LinG
    Modern Antenna Design Jun 2005 eBook-DDU
    Modern Communication Circuits
    Modern Receiver Front Ends Systems Circuits and Integration Wiley Feb 2004 eBook-DDU
    Modern Signal Processing
    Modern 20Control 20Engeneering 203rd 20ed 5d 5bOgata 5d 5bPrentice 20Hall 5d
    MPEG 7 Audio and Beyond Audio Content Indexing and Retrieval John Wiley and Sons Jan 2006
    Multi - Standard CMOS Wireless Receivers Analysis Design
    Multicarrier Techniques for 04G 20Mobile Communications
    Nano CMOS Circuit and Physical Design
    Network Calculus A Theory of Deterministic Queuing Systems for the Internet
    Networks 20and 20Devices 20Using 20Planar 20Transmissions 20Lines
    Neural 20Systems 20For 20Control
    New technologies for WLAN
    Newnes Guide to Television Video Technology
    Newnes Radio and RF Engineering Pocket Book
    Newnes 20Industrial 20Control 20Wiring 20Guide
    Next Generation Mobile Systems 3G and Beyond John Wiley and Sons May 2005 eBook 20- 20 DDU
    Nixon Aguado Feature Extraction and Image Processing 2002
    Noise In Receiving Systems
    Nonlinear Microwave And RF Circuits 2nd Edition
    Nonlinear 20Microwave 20Circuit 20Design
    numerical 20methods 20in 20electromagnetics
    O 27Reilly 20- 20 20802 20- 20 - 11 Wireless Networks- The Definitive Guide
    Observers 20in 20Control 20Systems
    ON Analog Integrated Circuits
    Op Amp Applications
    Op Amps Design Application and Troubleshooting
    operational amplifiers - 2nd edition
    Operational Amplifiers Design and Applications
    Optical Communications Essentials
    Optical Communications Rules of Thumb
    Optical signal processing Vanderlugt A Wiley 1991pi L T 180s PEo
    Optical Switching And Networking Handbook Mcgraw 20- 20 Hill
    Optical System Design
    Optical Through 20- 20 the-Air Communications Handbook
    Optimal Filtering
    Optimal 20Control 20Linear 20Quadratic 20Methods
    Optimal 20Sampled 20Data 20Control 20Systems
    Optimizing Wireless 20- 20 RF Circuits
    OReilly Digital Video Hacks May 2005 eBook 20- 20 DDU
    OReilly RFID Essentials Jan 2006
    Packet Broadband Network Handbook
    Pattern Classification And Learning Theory Lugosi
    Pattern Recognition in Speech and Language Processing
    Performance Modeling and Analysis of Bluetooth Networks Polling Scheduling and Traffic Control
    Phase Locked Loops for Wireless Communications
    Phased Array Antenna Handbook Artech House Publishers Second Edition eBook-kB
    Phased 20Array 20Antennas 20Hansen 20R C 20 Wiley 1998 ISBN 20047153076X 200dpi T 504s EE
    Photodetection 20 20 Measurement 20- 20 Maximizing Performance in Optical Systems
    Practical Analog And Digital Filter Design
    Practical Electronics for Inventors
    Practical Optical System Layout 20- 20 And Use of Stock Lenses
    Practical Rf Pcb Design Geoff Smithson Scanned
    Practical Rf System Design 20- 20 Egan
    Practical 20Applications 20of 20Computational 20Intelligence 20for 20Adaptive 20Control
    Practical 20Approach 20to 20Signals 20Systems 20and 20Control
    practical aspects of feedback control
    Pragmatic Introduction to Electronic Engineering 0 v1
    Pricing Communication Networks John Wiley and Sons
    Principles of Asynchronous Circuit Design - A Systems Perspective
    Principles Of Corporate Finance
    Principles of Digital Transmission With Wireless Applications
    Principles of Sigma Delta Conversion for Analog to Digital Converters
    Principles of Spread Spectrum Communication Systems eBook 20- 20 TLFeBOOK
    Programmable Digital Signal Processors Architecture Programming and Applications
    Propagation Handbook for Wireless Communication System Design
    QoS in Integrated 03GNetworks 2002
    Quantitative Finance for Physicists An Introduction
    Queueing Theory With Applications to Packet Telecommunication Springer eBook 20- 20 YYePG
    Radar Systems Peak Detection and Tracking
    Radar Technology Encyclopedia 20- 20 1998
    Radar 20Principles
    Radio Electronics Cookbook
    Radio Engineering for Wireless Communication and Sensor Applications
    Radio Engineers 27 Handbook 20- 20 2001e 20- 20 - d - Terman
    Radio Frequency Circuit Design
    Radio Frequency Transistors
    Radio Shack - Getting started in electronics
    Radio Shack Engineer 27s Mini - 5bNotebook T 52s 5d
    Radio 20Frequency 20and 20Microwave 20Communication 20Circuits
    Radiometric Tracking Techniques for Deep Space Navigation
    Radiosity and realistic image synthesis Cohen M F Wallace J R AP 1995
    RDS The Radio Data System
    Real 20- 20 Time Video Compression--Techniques And Algorithms
    Real Analog Solutions for Digital Designers
    Rf Cmos Power Amplifier 20- 20 Ebook Kluwer Inter Hella Ismall
    RF Components and Circuits
    RF MEMS Circuit Design for Wireless Communications
    RF Technologies for Low Power Wireless Communications
    RF 20 20Microwave 20Radiation 20Safety 20Handbook
    RF 20and 20Microwave 20Wireless 20Systems
    RFID 20- 20 Read My Chips
    RFID Field Guide Deploying Radio Frequency Identification Systems Feb 2005 eBook 20- 20 LiB
    RFID For Dummies Mar 2005 eBook 20- 20 LinG
    RF-Microwave 20Circuit 20Design 20for 20Wireless 20Applications
    Risk Management And Capital Adequacy McGraw Hill
    Satellite Communication Engineering eBook 20- 20 EEn
    Satellite Handbook
    Satellite Networking Principles and Protocols John Wiley and Sons Oct 2005 eBook 20- 20 DDU
    Schaums Outline Of Theory And Problems Of Electric Circuits eBook
    Secrets of RF Circuit Design Third Edition
    Securing and managing WLAN
    Shannon 20- 20 TheoryComm
    Short Range Wireless Communication Fundamentals of RF System Design and Application
    Signal Analysis Alfred Mertins
    Signal Analysis Time Frequency Scale and Structure RL Allen DW Mills
    Signal analysis wavelets filter banks-Mertins A Wiley 1999
    Signal Detection and Estimation
    Signal Processing for Mobile Communications Handbook 20- 20 CRC Press - 2005
    Signals 20 20 Systems with MATLAB Applications 20- 20 Orchard Publications
    Simulation and Software Radio for Mobile Communications
    SIP Demystified
    Sliding 20Mode 20Control 20in 20Engineering
    Smart Antennas CRC Press Jan 2004 eBook-DDU
    Some Design Aspects on RF CMOS LNAs and Mixers
    Sonet or SDH Demystified
    Space 20- 20 Time Coding John Wiley And Sons eBook
    Space 20- 20 Time Processing for Wireless Communications
    Specification of the Bluetooth System
    Spectrum Wars
    Speech Coding Algorithms Foundation and Evolution of Standardized Coders Wiley eBook 20- 20 KB
    Speech Recognition using Neural Networks
    Speech Separation By Humans 20 20 Machines Springer eBook 20- 20 YYePG
    Stability 20Analysis 20of 20Nonlinear 20Microwave 20Circuits
    Standard Handbook of Audio and Radio Engineering
    Standard Handbook of Video and Television Engineering 4th ed
    Starting Electronics - Elsevier - 3rd Edition - 2005
    Statistical and Adaptive Signal Processing
    structure and interpretation of signals and systems
    Supervised and Unsupervised Pattern Recognition
    Synthesis and optimization of DSP algorithms Constantinides Cheung Luk Kluwer 2004
    T 144s 20Bayesian Approach to Image Interpretation Kopparapu Desai Kluwer 2002
    T 181s 20Wavelets with applications in signal and image processing Bultheel A 2002
    T 212s 20Brandwood Fourier transforms in radar and signal processing 2003
    T 359s 20Mann S Intelligent image processing Wiley 2002
    T 406s 20Dudgeon D Mersereau R Merser R Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing 1995
    T 548s 20Ballard D H Computer vision Brown C M PH 1982 ISBN 0131653164
    T 621s 20Image analysis and mathematical morphology Serra J AP 1982 300dpi CsIp
    TAB Electronics Guide to Understanding Electricity and Electronics eBook - EEn
    Telecom Crash Course
    Telecom Dictionary
    Telecommunication Circuit Design 20- 20 Second Edition
    Telecommunications Essentials CHM
    Telecommunications Regulation
    Teletraffic Engineering Handbook
    The Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design
    The Art of Electronics 02ed
    The Complete Wireless Communications Professional A Guide for Engineers and Managers
    The Easy Guide to Data and Voice Networking
    The Engineer 27s Guide to Decoding Encoding
    The Engineer 27s Guide to Standards Conversion
    The Great Telecom Meltdown Artech House Jan 2005 eBook 20- 20 LiB
    The Handbook of Optical Communication Networks
    The Mobile Communications Handbook
    The Mobile Radio Propagation Channel 20- 20 Second Edition - Wiley
    The Personal Finance Calculator McGrawHill
    The Satellite Communication Applications Handbook
    The Telecommunications Handbook
    The Wireless Data Handbook 20- 20 Fourth Edition
    Thetrated dictionary of electronics
    Troubleshooting Analog Circuits
    Ultra Wideband Radio Technology
    Ultrasound Imaging Using Coded Signals
    Understanding Cellular Radio
    Understanding Data Communications
    Understanding Digital Signal Processing
    Understanding Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting MAZ 20- 20 Artech House
    Understanding Optical Communications
    Understanding Telephone Electronics
    Understanding 20Microwaves 20 Scott
    US Navy 20- 20 Digital Data Systems
    Video Data Management and Information Retrieval IRM eBook 20- 20 YYePG
    Video Demystified A Handbook For The Digital Engineer
    Video Processing and Communications
    Voice Over 802 11
    W 20- 20 20for 03G 20 - CDMA and cdma2000 Mobile Networks
    Waveguide 20Handbook
    Wavelets For Kids A
    Wavelets For Kids B
    WCDMA Mobile Communications System
    Wideband TDD WCDMA for the Unpaired Spectrum John Wiley Sons May 2005 eBook 20- 20 LinG
    Wiley - Essentials of Financial Analysis
    Wiley 20- 20 Data Networks IP and the Internet - Protocols Design and Operation
    Wiley 20- 20 Digital Image Processing WK Pratt - Third Edition 2001
    Wireless Communication Technologies
    Wireless Communication Technology
    Wireless Communications
    Wireless Data Demystified McGraw Hill eBook 20- 20 LiB
    Wireless Data Technologies Reference Handbook John Wiley and Sons
    Wireless Foresight Scenarios of the Mobile World in 2015 John Wiley and Sons eBook 20- 20 LiB
    Wireless Internet Telecommunications Artech House Publishers eBook 20- 20 YYePG
    Wireless Mobile Networking with ANSI 20- 20 2041 20- 20 - Second Edition
    Wireless Networks First 20- 20 Step 2005
    Wireless Technology Protocols Standards and Techniques
    Young Gerbrands van Vliet Fundamentals of image processing Delft U 1998 T 11

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