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    Rules For Better Management


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    Rules For Better Management Empty Rules For Better Management

    Post by Admin on Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:02 pm

    [*] No Spamming
    -This includes making unnecessary replies nd posts to increase the posts.
    -Trying to highlight something that is unimportant
    -No redundancy
    [*] No Posts in languages other than English are accepted
    -However u can use Hindi in chat box(Coming soon)
    [*] No offensive language is allowed in your posts.
    [*] No abusing.
    -This will be followed by immediate ban or warn.
    [*] No racist dialogues or content.
    [*] No offensive user-names (Admins will moderate this).
    -Even any users using user-names intentionally for advertising will be banned.
    -We Have Created a special Forum Where You Can Advertise
    [*] No porn
    [*] No advertising is allowed.
    -Even Ur Posts should not contain file names /passwords as other site names/forums
    [*] No aggressive behavior.
    [*] Don’t use pm for unnecessary purposes like making requests.
    [*] Don’t use reports for requesting and select the reason using drop down menu while
    reporting and also explain in detail if necessary if not your report will not be
    [*] Person who request in request zone have to check that topic with in 15 days otherwise we will close that topic after 15days.
    [*] Last but not least the Rules are not just for u to follow but make other follow too.
    So report any rule violations

    Avatar Specifications:

    [*] Allowed formats are: .gif, .jpg and .png.
    [*] Be considerate. Re-size your images to size specified: Avatar 150px*150px

    [*] All the content provided here is for testing and promotional purpose only.
    [*] We highly encourage the users to buy the cd's or dvd's of the respective material
    hosted here.
    [*] Please notify us of any copyright violations.

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