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    Exam Phobia-Simple Tips based on Experiences


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    Exam Phobia-Simple Tips based on Experiences Empty Exam Phobia-Simple Tips based on Experiences

    Post by Admin on Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:46 pm

    1. Head Massage: Perfect cure of Headache in pre exam time by Shekhar Pathak Yog

    Head Massage: Perfect Cure of Headache in Pre exam Time

    Exam time is the alarming time for the students as they have to complete the whole syllabus of all papers and also revise them on time. That is why they easily get worried, tired and depressed. General Head Massage is a wonderful technique to relax and de-stress the body, mind and soul. general Massage is very useful for all those students who are preparing for any type of exam. Headache is a common ailment which can be very easily removed through head massage, given below are the simple steps which can be used in different headaches.

    A) Headache: Its is the most common problem of all the students and its main cause is tension and over reading. This tension often originates in the shoulders because of tight muscles in the neck and scalp. regular head massage relaxes the shoulder, neck and head.

    Massage Technique: For simple headache use strong scalp, neck and shoulder massage. starting from the shoulder work up the neck and all over the scalp with thumb rotation, kneading, pressure, hacking, hair pulling and tapping. This will loosen the tight muscles and will relax the head region.

    Caution: Do not use this technique if the person has undergone a head surgery.

    B) Mental Exhaustion: A state of continuous tension leads to tiredness, mental fatigue and mental as well as physical burnout. In this condition immune system is suppressed leading to physical, mental and emotional problems.

    Massage Technique: To balance and strengthen the immune system massage with forefinger each of the lymphatic area for 30-40 sec in the following areas:-

    1.Front of the throat area 2.Under the Jaw 3.Behind the ear 4.Around the base of Skull

    Visualization: Imagine yourself floating in a warm comforting pink and golden cloud

    C) Migraine: It arises out of tension and physical stress in the membrane around the brain and muscles of the Skull

    I) Massage Technique: For balancing the endocrine system massage the middle of the forehead (Pineal gland), the temples (pituitary gland) and the base of the throat (thyroid) with two fingers rotating for 10-30 sec on each.

    II) Massage Technique: For releasing the tension in the skull & membrane around the brain use stroking, Rotation and light pressure in all over the head region.

    Caution: Do not head massage during Migraine attack as it can intensify the discomfort.

    Visualization: Also visualize the sky of light blue color and imagine that you are draining away all your tension and pain in to the sky.

    D) Sleep Disturbance: It is very common in examination period which occurs due to many causes like fear of exams, over tension, stress and emotional disturbance & improper diet.

    I) Massage Technique: Strong thumb rotation at the back of the neck will help in relaxing the mind. To release the tension across the shoulders firmly kneed the upper back & the shoulder. Then follow with thumb rotation slowly & repetitively on the endocrine areas i.e the middle of the forehead, the temples and base of the throat.

    Visualization: Imagine floating on the surface of a blue mountain or lake and feel deep blue water cooling and calming your mind, body and spirit.

    E) Depression and Anxiety: It is a common problem of students which they face specially during the exam time.

    I) Massage Technique: Relax the scalp using slow, gentle stroking and combing and light hair pulling all over the head area again and again. It will create deep relaxation.

    II) Massage Technique: After relaxation of the head hold the head with one hand on the back of neck and now hold the forehead then massage the ear for 2-3 min with thumb and index finger.

    Visualization: Feel yourself around a warm golden glow and smell the scent of Lavender.

    2. Yoga Package for Management of Exam Anxiety of Students by Rudra Bahadur Bhandari M.Sc Yog

    Yoga Package for Management of Exam Anxiety of Students

    1. AUM Chanting- 10 times with uniform vibrations followed by Gayatri Mantra.

    2. Asana- Marjari Asana, Shasank-Bhunja Asana, Ardha Matyasendrasana, Vipareetkani Asana, Matsyasana

    3. Pranayam-

    a) Bhramari pranayam with fingers placed on face like in case of Sanmukhi Mudra,

    4. Inner Renewal Meditation

    Om Chanting: Om is composed of A, U and M

    -Inhale deeply and chant A in prolonged voice feeling Vibrations form toes to waist, then U feeling uniform vibrations from waist to throat and finally M feeling vibrations in head region with exhalation.

    -Chant A, U & M in one exhalation with uniform sound and with deep feeling of vibrations in above mentioned body parts,

    -Repeat this chanting up to 10 rounds.

    -Let us chant Gayatri Mantra.

    -“Om Bhoorbhuvah Swah Tatsaviturvarenyem Bhargo Devasya Deemahi Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat” with visualization of early morning rising sun in your eye-brow centre.

    -Feel solar prana and radiation throughout the body which is being dispersed from your Ajana- Chakra (Eye-brow centre) as a consequence of Gayatri Mantra Chanting.

    Be mentally prepared for the practice of some beneficial asanas.

    -Marjari Asana, Shasank-Bhunja Asana, Ardha Matyasendr Asana, Vipreetkarni Asana, Matsy Asana

    Pranayam: Bhramari

    -Sit in any comfortable meditative poses like (Padmasana /Swastikasana /Siddhasana /Sukhasana) with head, neck and spine straight.

    -Keep your right thumb on the * of right ear and left thumb on the * of left ear blocking external sound.

    -Similarly, index fingers on the closed eyelids, middle fingers on ala, ring fingers above upper lips and little fingers on lower lips of their respective body sides.

    - Touch slightly without unnecessary pressure.

    - Inhale deeply through nostrils and retain according to your breath holding capacity.

    - Exhale slowly through nostrils by creating uniform vibrations like black bee in head region.

    - Feel the transmission of the vibrations throughout body causing better flow of prana and its channelisation.

    - Repeat this process up to 5-10 rounds.

    Meditation (Inner Renewal Meditation):

    Step 1 - Adopt the same pose as you did while doing Bhramari Pranayam and gently close your eyes.

    - Imagine yourself in the front of Holy Ganga River. What is most important is your intention and will

    - Breathe deeply and slowly and relax. During exhalation, have the intention to breath out your negative thoughts and discomforts.

    - Inhale deeply and breathe out to the Ganga any discomfort, tension or pain in your body. Do it many times. Let the Ganga absorb the discomforts and impurities. (1 Minute)

    - Inhale deeply and breathe out to the Ganga, stress or test anxiety and discomforts. Let the Ganga Absorb this negativity. (1 minute)

    - Inhale deeply and breathe out irritability, anger or hatred, frustrations, depression & boredom. Let the Ganga absorb them. (1 minute)

    - Inhale deeply and breathe out any remaining negative feelings and emotions. Let the Ganga absorb all of these negativities. (30 sec.)

    - Relax and enjoy your new emotional and mental well being.

    Step 2· -Now, be aware of your heart at the centre of your chest. This is an area where you can experience love, inner peace and inner joy. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly while being aware of the area at the centre of your chest. (1 minute)

    - As you breathe, silently affirm: “I m a peaceful, loving and joyous person.” Repeat 7 times as you continue breathing slowly. Create this wonderful feeling of love, joy and peace within you. Express your love, gratitude and respect to your family, loved ones and those who have helped your in life.

    - Visualize yourself being more loving and caring to other people. Start with your family and loved ones.

    - Express love to your friends. Express best wishes and respect to others. Mentally ask for forgiveness from people who have been hurt by you. Also, forgive the people who have hurt you.

    - Experience the love, peace and joy within you.

    Step 3 -Focus on your mid eye-brow center and breath slowly for 1 minute. Mentally repeat 3 times. “I am a creative and intelligent person. I will use my creativity and intelligence lovingly and properly.”

    Step 4 -Focus on the top of your head and breathe slowly up to 1 minute. Mentally repeat 3 times:

    -“I respect the divinity within myself. I respect the divinity within all. I respect the greatness of the supreme source of life.”

    -Relax and let go, enjoy the inner peace and stillness. (2 minutes)

    Step 5 -To assimilate the internal energy and vitality, breathe slowly while focusing on your navel.(1minute)

    -To further improve the energy absorption, concentrate on your palms soles as you inhale and exhale. (30 sec)

    Blessing Service (2 minutes)

    With intention, share some of your positive and loving energy thoughts full of vitality with your loved ones, friends and anyone who need help. Mentally repeat the affirmation: I humbly offer myself as an instrument to share love, peace, joy, beauty, creativity, truth and goodwill with my family, loved ones, friends & co-workers.

    So, it is! Rub your palms and give gentle massage on face, head. Now open your eyes looking at your palms and smile at your heart centre.

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